Wild ‘N’ Tender, by Dane Sturgeon

Wild ‘N’ Tender (ycd-011)

Dane Sturgeon


Like Kenneth Higney’s Attic Demonstration, Dane Sturgeon’s Wild ‘N’ Tender was recorded as a songwriting demo rather than a commercial release. Like Higney’s record, it’s one of a kind, and legendary since the earliest days of private press record collecting. “Wild” tracks like ‘The Ghost of Bardsley Road’ and ‘Queen Bee’ drip with the garish, obsessive sexuality of a Russ Meyer movie. “Tender” songs like ‘Who’s Gonna Hold The Wind’ reveal true tenderness. The album calls itself “folk-rock in a stone groove,” but it’s really early rock and roll channeled in the psychedelic era (1967) by a guy too busy getting loaded to notice how fast everything’s changing. Timeless.

Three 2011 living room recordings provide further proof of Sturgeon’s sly mastery of metaphorical songwriting.

“No other album has this particular sound… for the most part this is great.”
Aaron Milenski, Acid Archives

“Like Del Shannon singing with Joe Meek’s Blue Men on the dark side of the moon.”
Jello Biafra, Incredibly Strange Music 2


tracks 1-10 recorded in Los Angeles, 1967
tracks 11-13 recorded in Visalia, 2011
tracks 1-5 and 11-13 sung by Dane Sturgeon
tracks 6-10 sung by David Cosby
guitar leads and fills by Freddie Thomas
engineered by Stan Rose
reissue layout by Claire Iltis
remastered by Wojciech Cierń
reissue produced by Douglas Mcgowan
original edition copyright 1967 by Stur-Geon Records
this edition copyright 2014 by Yoga Records