Paradise Bird, by Joel Andrews

Paradise Bird (Y21)

Joel Andrews

November 10th, 2023

From his appearance on Alan Watts’ This Is It to his epic piece on I Am The Center, the prolific Joel Andrews is the suzerain of new age harp. And what Vision Songs is to Laraaji’s catalog, Paradise Bird is for Joel Andrews — the outlier, the beautiful odd one; summery, jubilant, captivating. Joined by partner and fellow harpist Serafina Andrews and friend, vocalist and genius of the kalimba Pinche Pete Velasquez, this beautiful record has the power to calm the fussiest babies. ⁣

Presented on vinyl for the first time—directly from the original master tapes with no digital step—this 1985 cassette-only release has the power to cure your depression.

Edition of 500



All songs composed by Joel Andrews ⁣

Joel Andrews: Harp, whistling on “Paradise Bird” ⁣
Serafina: Harp, Castanets, Finger Cymbals ⁣
Peter Velasquez: Kalimba, vocals ⁣

1985 sessions engineered by Justin Mayer & Lou Judson ⁣
Original cassette cover artwork by Ramon Morones ⁣
Cassette layout by Arnold Clapman ⁣

Reissue produced by Douglas Mcgowan & Tyler Craft ⁣
Artwork by Rumi Mesa Craft ⁣

Analog masters supervised by Lou Judson for Intuitive Audio ⁣
Lacquers cut from original tapes by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering, Portland, OR ⁣
Pressed at Cascade Record Pressing ⁣
Jackets printed by Stoughton Printing Company