Who Is In My Temple, by Clearing

Who Is In My Temple



Joan Minkoff, Jeff Brewer and Sara Benson began as Clearing in 1971 when the Unitarian Universalist Association asked a couple of musicians in the Boston area to record an LP version of their 1964 hymnal Songs For The Celebration Of Life. The resulting album has an minimal, informal feel and proves that hip music can come from unlikely places. Clearing is better known in the folk / psych collecting circuit for their self-titled second album consisting of mostly original compositions. Sporting the cover of a moody SSW / folk monster, Clearing instead continues the first album’s modest feel, this time eschewing the studio altogether and recording in large part in their “commune” home in the Boston suburbs. — Douglas Mcgowan, 2009


For Who Is In My Temple, CLEARING was Sara Benson, Jeff Brewer, Joan Minkoff, and Lee Bowman

Who Is In My Temple (Yogananda)
We Sing Of Golden Mornings (Emerson, Walker)
Autumn Fields (Madison, Kirkpatrick)
Oh, Give Us Pleasure In The Flowers Today (Frost, Taylor)
I’ll Fly Away (traditional)
Every Night And Every Morn (Blake, Williams)
The Changes (Box, traditional Hungarian)
What Make A City Great And Strong (Bishop)
Ode To Joy (Beethoven)
The World Stands Out On Either Side (Millay, White)
Leisure (Davies, Carden)
Let Not Young Souls Be Smothered Out (Lindsay, Wise)
Simple Gifts (traditional Shaker hymn)
Now I Recall My Childhood (Tagore, Smith)
Circular Secret (Wheelock, Petri)
Who Is In My Temple (Yogananda)

Technical – T.A. Rothschild
Cover photos – T.A. Rothschild

Originally distributed by Unitarian Universalist Records, Boston MA

© 1972 by Clearing all rights reserved