Right Action, by Peter Kardas

Right Action

Peter Kardas


An Introduction by Peter Kardas

Hello, dear reader!

I chose the titles “Right Belief” and “Right Action” because of my deep love and respect for Buddhism.

“Life is suffering” it says. “But there is a way OUT. The way out is by following the Noble Eight Fold Path.”

It’s a code of behavior that works both as a map and a shield (to get you where you truly should go and offers you some protection along the way).

I was in deep suffering during that period of these recordings, having lost my favorite human being, my sister. Buddhism and Music led me toward healing. Plus, I was learning who I really was, growing into a young adult, and struggling with what I wanted to do with my life, before leaving this mortal coil.

“The Path of Rightness” can offer an accurate way for a person to assess the world around them… And then make decisions that resonate well (offering a better alternative than colloquial thinking). Decisions made this way can end up being unique and have a life of their own.

Eventually, if practiced and taken seriously, to quote Robert Fripp, “Rightness is its own reward.”

I was also drawn, strongly, to West African music and religion. I had a teacher who instructed me in both. It was a magical process, though sometimes quite disturbing. Going deeper into oneself is rewarding and sometimes terrifying.

I was influenced by the music of Brian Eno, David Byrne, Robert Fripp, Laurie Anderson, Yes, and others, in both classical, rock, folk, etc.

Some pieces were love songs… Some were songs of wanting love.

‘The Lonely Laundromat’ was about my experience of taking a walk, very late one night and passing by Laundromat which had a cat locked inside. The cat wanted me to let it out. I couldn’t. I had no key. So, painfully, I had to walk away, with this poor, sweet cat begging me to release it. You may have experienced that kind of agony when visiting a zoo.

Life has taught me that the practice of Right Belief and Right Action has both light and dark components. This is clearly expressed in the Ying Yang symbol. These new releases share both the light and dark reflections I was going through, giving you a fuller understanding of my inner world then.

So the music presented here is basically a journal from that time period… Sometimes raw…Sometimes refined. And hopefully honest. I hope you enjoy it.

Peter Kardas


All songs written and performed by Peter Kardas
Reissue produced by Douglas Mcgowan and Tyler Craft