Recurring Dreams, by Matthew Young

Recurring Dreams (Y15)

Matthew Young

1981 / 2014


Some thoughts on Recurring Dreams:

I used to have certain dreams that began in childhood and reappeared off and on for years. They were an important part of my internal world and sense of self, and I can still recall them. Not the kind of thing that can be adequately communicated in words, but perhaps suggested in tone poems.

Random track notes: “Mistral” is self-evident: approaching, swirling, passing. “First Blood” makes reference to the Doors’ “Spanish Caravan, which in turn is based on “Asturias (Layenda)” by Albeniz. “Version, Inversion” establishes a sequential line and then turns it upside down in the second half (a technique used again in the song “Dummy Line” on Traveler’s Advisory). “The Forest of Lilacs” is the centerpiece, an ambitious attempt to retell in music the terrifying fairy tale “Bonne Biche et Beau Minon” by Sophie Rostopchine, Comtesse de Ségur (and to suggest the extraordinary illustrations by Virginia Frances Sterrett.)

I hope this helps.



  1. 1 Mistral
  2. 2 First Blood
  3. 3 No Reason
  4. 4 Recurring Dream
  5. 5 Version, Inversion
  6. 6 Late Poets
  7. 7 The Forest Of Lilacs
  8. 8 Night Music


All music written and performed by Matthew Young