Piano 1, by JOM & Friends

Piano 1

JOM & Friends

Piano One was a turning point in my life. After years of studying classical music and meditating I knew there was a confluence ready to emerge. And that it did those two days recording in the sacred halls of RCA Studios in NYC where so many great artists had been recorded. What emerged was Piano One. Simple, quiet and elegant with no retakes. Just a pure original journey in sound. It was my first album that ushered in what was to become seven albums of meditation music. For everyone to soothe the way through today’s challenging times. Every time I play I am humbled by the quiet magic of music. One of our greatest gifts to another.


released March 4, 2022


Piano 1 is an improvisational work. It is unaltered — it is music pure to the moment. Its purpose is to allow us, as Friends through the Universe, to share, be joyful, and celebrate the love and inner peace in all of us. — JOM

Recorded at RCA Studios on May 24-25, 1988

JOM/James Owen Mathews

Recording Engineer
Paul Goodman

Bernie Grundman

Original Graphic Design
Peter Good

David Muench “Escalante,” Calf Creek Falls, UT

Reissue Produced by Douglas Mcgowan

A special thanks to Mary Patsel whose spiritual guidance and inspiration made this recording possible.