Locrian Invocation, by Joel Andrews

Locrian Invocation (Joel Andrews cat number)

Joel Andrews


I Mediation For Love, Light and Power.
II In The Presence of the Masters.
Performed and recorded through Joel Andrews in 1975

There is little in the realm of artistic endeavor which can, by its sheer beauty, delicacy, and profundity, lift one into the perception of a higher and more deeply significant awareness of spiritual consciousness than music. Music is the song of God, the harmonious voice of creation, the inexhaustible concord of pure vibration as it plays within and throughout the vast and infinite octaves of universal life. It is a very special language whose idiom is a constant invitation for unique and individual interpretation.

In the spiritual hierarchy of musical instruments, the Harp is among the finest in its vibration and has for centuries stood as a symbol of evolving man, who is himself a celestial instrument in tune with the music of the spheres. While many past civilizations offered beautiful contributions to the expression of music, it was the Greeks and especially the Initiate Pythagoras who revealed the sublime and mysterious influence of tone and harmony upon the senses of the body, mind, and emotions.

Pythagoras, now known as the Master K.H., or Kuthumi, and Chohan of the Second Ray, is working in close cooperation with many Disciples on our planet who are also familiar with him through his life as St. Francis. The complex mind of Pythagoras, and the gentle love of St. Francis typify the balance of Heart and Mind, of feeling and intellect which is an inherent aspect of the Second Ray Ashram energies as they are directed to the life on our planet.

The Sources of instruction and inspiration — the Christ Spirit, Kuthumi, The Great White Brotherhood and Devic Beings — work with Joel Andrews through the music and a developing system of symbolic interpretation which intrinsically link the outer combination of notes, chords, intervals, and patterns with the inner essence of their meaning, to bring about harmony and healing, in man’s physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies.

“As we sat in meditation encircling harpist Joel Andrews with the picture of Kuthumi on the music stand, the feeling of the Master’s presence, of his energy, gradually enveloped the room.” The music flowed uninterrupted, completely improvised, without editing, retakes, or dubbing of any kind. It therefore provides a natural pathway of inspiration into the living and vibrate aura of the Master.

The Masters are at all times seeking avenues of expression through which the purity, beauty, and love of the Kingdom of Heaven can demonstrate on Earth. This recording is such an offering.



The preceding notes are from the 1975 LP. The following is from the 1981 cassette edition.


In the studio 12 dedicated Light workers sat in meditation around the harp for this Invocation. Joel had people checking watches but they were so carried away no one kept time and yet the two pieces came out the optimum length for a stereo record!

SIDE 1: Listeners all over the world have found this an invaluable aid to relaxation and meditation. Not only is it deeply centering, producing a focused peace in the 3 lower vehicles (physical, emotional and mental bodies), but it helps you to organize yourself in space and time to manifest worthwhile projects. (It is a specific aid for work for the Light, which is symbolized by the note “B” and the Locrian mode or scale.) This tranquilizing music brings a most beautiful repose not only to humans and animals but to the immediate environment as well. Harassed parents have found it most helpful with hyper children. SIDE 2 is more expansive. Listeners report being transported to higher planes and then helped to apply to life what they learned there.

JOEL ANDREWS is one of the most gifted and inspired of the New Age musicians. An internationally recognized healer, he has “brought through,” from higher forces, 1700 individualized healing tapes and over 60 general tapes as addicts for all kinds of psychotherapy. There have been many remarkable healings connected with these tapes. He also tours nationally giving concerts and workshops.


Originally released October 7, 1975

Composed by Joel Andrews
Special thanks to the “Sources”
Thank you Rob Yost and SeaBird Recording Studio, Edgewater, Florida
Original LP layout & design by Douglas Davis
Reissue produced by Douglas Mcgowan and Tyler Craft
Original master tapes transferred & restored by Lou Judson for Intuitive Audio
Thank you Erik Bluhm
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