Indian Harvest, by Collie Ryan

Indian Harvest

Collie Ryan



  1. 1 Prairie Day Lady
  2. 2 Indian Harvest
  3. 3 Old Man
  4. 4 Turquoise
  5. 5 Brother Sun, Sister Moon
  6. 6 Cricket
  7. 7 Walk Upon The Land
  8. 8 Ecology Song
  9. 9 Watching The Grain Growing
  10. 10 Maiden Of Green
  11. 11 Owl Of Winter Fortnight
  12. 12 Warrior And Starmaiden
  13. 13 It's Gonna Rain


All songs written and performed by Collie Ryan

Reissue produced by Douglas Mcgowan and Jae-Soo Yi
24-bit digital transfers by J.D. Emmanuel
24-bit digital remastering by Jae-Soo Yi
Liner notes by Tommie Lee Zook
Cover art by Collie Ryan
Original layouts by Katherine Holloway
Thank you to John Sufficool, Chris Baker, William Tyler, Rob Sevier, Ken Shipley, Linda Perhacs, Other Music, Revolver USA, and WFMU
In memory of Larry Creech.