I’m On Stage, by David Mead

I’m On Stage (David Mead cat number)

David Mead


It feels like a small miracle that you are reading this right now. My brother David Mead recorded I’m On Stage back in 1976. And his story was all too familiar to so many young, talented musicians back in the day — signed by record labels with the promise of brilliant futures in the music industry, only to come up well short of the promised land.

In David’s case, his label, Tiger Lily, was nothing more than a vehicle for money laundering.

Created by Morris Levy of Roulette Records, Tiger Lily was wholly unconcerned with the fate of its musicians. The label never even intended to make a profit. The trick was to acquire demo tapes from artists or studios and release them, often without the artist’s consent or even their knowledge. Some were bootlegs of already-extant albums released in the early 1970s. Very few records actually signed to Tiger Lily Records have been identified, but one of them was by David. Most of these contractual albums seem to have been recorded in 1976. But they were never going to be actually distributed to consumers, and the artists like David who signed deals eventually came to realize that they were nothing more than gears in a larger machine of tax avoidance…

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Produced by Peter Harriman & David Mead
Engineered by Ben Rizzi
Keyboards & Vocals by David Mead
Electric Bass & Bass Viola by Tom Hebb
Drums by Eddie Hilton, Robert Triscari, and Sandy Rubin
Guitar by Michael Lorello and Chris Morris
Backing Vocals by Wayne Robertson
Thanks to Gentle Ben, Max Chrein, Allison & Alan Kennedy, Mick Fleetwood, Toulouse, B. Lincoln, Turlough McConnell, Odgen Goelet, Deirdre, Paul Mandl, and Karen (of course)

Reissue produced by Douglas Mcgowan & Tyler Craft
Transfers by Keith D’Arcy
Notes by Andrea D’Arcy Mead