Hometown Lady, by Pat Wells

Hometown Lady

Pat Wells


These songs were written about people, relationships, nature and events in my life. I tend to be a person of place and lived for a good part of my young life near the ocean, visiting the mountains of New Hampshire, living in quiet, peaceful places and sleepy towns. Music has a way of transporting me, comforting me and has always been a good friend. I am so pleased to be able to share my music with others once again using the technology that is now available and restoring these songs in such clear quality. I was always proud of Hometown Lady. The musicians and producer and recording tech worked hard to have this project be of good quality. The experience of working in the studio on this project was something I will never forget, traveling back and forth over the big bridge to Boston working with great musicians that enhanced my music and made it more complete with their talents in that lovely place called the recording studio.

Each one of these songs tells a story, written in innocence and trust, written with love and created to perhaps make sense of my world at that time. Lovers and friends I spent time with, the hard work of cutting wood or hauling water, seeing water covered with light, seeing the world with innocence and trust; all of these experiences may remind you of people and places that you know. As a young woman I had the chance to not only write but also to record and use this creative project to promote my music. The journey of writing the songs took place over a period of ten years as I starting playing “out” when I was sixteen. I was encouraged by other artists and musicians in and around Newburyport, Massachusetts and Portsmouth, New Hampshire whose advice was quite simply “keep singing and singing”. That’s just what I did. I never made it “big”. I stopped playing to have children and get involved in other projects- but I look back at this one fondly. It always made me feel at home- it’s where my heart lives.

I hope you like this music and these words and that they are able to transport you or move you to good place as you listen. We all have the capacity and the ability to transform each others lives with the simple act of sharing something good, something real, and something loving. That’s what this music is about. Thank you in advance for your interest and for taking the time to listen.

Patricia Wells
Grantham, N.H.
March 2008