Candles Glow, by Carl Hakansson

Candles Glow

Carl Hakansson


Candle’s Glow was a labor of love. Side 1 was recorded in one evening session and mixed the next morning in the attic of a farm house deep in the White Mountains on the weekend of Veterans Day in 1978. Shortly thereafter we got clobbered by snow and were unable to get to the house with the recording equipment, so the remainder was recorded in various settings during the winter months of early 1979, mostly on a TEAC 4-track.

The record was dedicated to my late wife Maria who had died in a car accident earlier that year. 30 years later, my lasting impression of the evening was finally bounding down the stairs after hours of recording, simultaneously wired and exhausted, to find our dear departed friend Fitz sitting before the fireplace in a recliner, reading Plato, smoking a pipe, and drinking Nectarel.

Carl Hakansson
Ashland, Massachusetts, 2008


Side 1
Recorded at Northern Farm Studios, Jefferson, N.H.

Running Free
Bob Palmieri – Drums
Richard Thyng – Lead Guitar, Bass
Carl Hakansson – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Candles Glow
Bob Palmieri – Drums
Richard Thyng – Bass
Carl Hakansson – Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

Requiem For An Oglala Sioux
Bob Palmieri – Drums
Richard Thyng – Bass
Carl Hakansson – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Lead Guitar

Where Is The Beginning
Bob Palmieri – Drums
Richard Thyng – Bass, Vocals
Carl Hakansson – Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Vocals

Living In The Sunlight
Bob Palmieri – Drums
Richard Thyng – Electric Guitar, Bass
Carl Hakansson – Electric Piano, Vocals

Side 2
Recorded at
Not Trying Studio, Ashland, MA
Bay Window Studio, Medway, MA
Cliff Young’s Attic

Morning Bird
Cliff Young – Drums
Richard Thyng – Electric Guitar, Vocals
Carl Hakansson – Electric Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Silent Winter
Carl Hakansson – 12 String Guitar, Vocals

Another Day
Steve Buzzell – Acoustic Lead Guitar, Electric Piano, Vocals
Carl Hakansson – Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Vocals

Alone They Ride
The Thyng-Hakansson Chorus – Vocals

You Are Near
Carl Hakansson – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Produced by Carl Hakansson and Richard Thyng
Engineered by Richard Thyng
Another Day engineered by Steve Buzzell
Cover photo by R. Warren Johnson
Art Direction by Larry DeJong
All songs written by Carl Hakansson
Special thanks to John “Fitz” Fitzgerald and Cliff Young

The thoughts, words, and music of this album are dedicated to Maria Olivieri Hakansson